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Discover the Fine Art of Limoncello

The article was written for the now-defunct food/travel blog Explore Philly.


Limoncello is an Italian classic. 

The fascinating and enlightening class taught participants how to make limoncello and its variations.

The beverage paired well with several delicious dishes featuring Osteria cuisine.

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Pest Control

Blog Posts

Franchise Pest Control

The pest control topic varied from residential to commercial properties, what pests my client focused on, and identification of the pest based on the geographical region.

My clients required extensive research into the different pest genesis, how they remove pests from homes and businesses, and tips to keep pests from returning.

I created a blog post series that informed without sounding repetitive while encouraging the audience to call for experienced helps to eliminate pests.


Restaurant Reviews


An online magazine Patch.com focused on local news, entertainment, and restaurants. I reviewed local restaurants off the beaten path of where tourists tend to miss, but are favored by locals. I also wrote restaurant mini-articles for parents looking for places to takes their families.

My articles rated meals based on individuality, service, décor, customer service, general atmosphere, and of course, the main attraction – the food.  


Readers received a recommendation if the location would be suitable for their dining pleasure.