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Engage Your Audience

UX Writer | Blogger | SEO | Social Media


What I Can Do for You

Writing is more than the command of words. The battle begins once you captured your audience's attention. I can help you retain their focus and leave them engaged. 

Reach your target audience with SEO-rich copy that ranks high on the Internet, promotes your product or service, and gives your readers the information they are looking for.

I have over two decades of copywriter experience in the fields of medical/pharmaceutical/healthcare, finance, food, and travel. Contact me today to reach your market through the best channels. 


Experience Samples

Web Copywriting

Reach your potential customers with dynamic and SEO-rich copy.

Dessert Blogger

Hands-on and knowledgeable professional pastry chef and experienced blogger.

Published Articles

Review a few examples of published food and restaurant articles.



Philadelphia, PA, USA